Living From the Super-consciousness: “Setting Higher Moral Thinking and Behaviors”

Hey Everybody,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Setting Higher Moral Thinking and Behaviors”

I was talking with a friend on Saturday and he said that his first prayer every morning is, “God, help me to not lie, cheat or steal today.”  I heard him loud and clear.  I had to look at where I lie, cheat and steal.  I found plenty of compartments in myself and I wasn’t happy to find them…and I am grateful to see them.

Because I am becoming more conscious of my behaviors, I’m seeing things I hadn’t noticed for a while.  Right now I’m on a twenty-one day cleanse and today is day eight of the cleanse.  I went on the cleansing program to clean my system out and drop some excess weight.  I’m succeeding; Fantastic!  I feel better, both about my body and myself.  At this point the cleanse is all about the greens. Greens, fruit, and protein shakes.  No meat, sugar, simple carbs.  Last night we were having dinner at home.  I made a great vegetable salad.  I had my supplements and some cold melon ready for dessert.  I made some chicken for David because he likes the way I make it.  As it was cooking it was looking delicious.  I had a thought that said, “what difference would it make if I had a bite?”  That’s when it occurred to me how I cheat in life.  I would have been cheating myself to have that at this point in the cleanse.  You could ask, as I did at first, “What difference would one little bite make?”  “Who would it hurt?”  It probably wouldn’t have disturbed the cleanse much but it would have been me trying to get away with something while thinking it wouldn’t affect anybody else so big deal.

Every time we lie, cheat or steal it affects all of us, especially our close relationships.  “I don’t want to upset my wife/husband/mother/father/ whoever so I won’t tell them about this…cheating on my diet, this infidelity, these purchases, this credit card debt, gambling, etc…  What happens as a result is the self-hating deepens rather than eases.  The wall between us and our god-consciousness gets thicker.  The irritation and blame for other’s transgressions gets justified…which leads to dishonest justification for our own inauthentic behaviors.

Every time we lie, cheat or steal, we say “Not now, God, I’m busy.” 

A friend of mine told me that every morning he prays, “God, help me to not lie, cheat or steal today.”  I recommend we all examine our own thoughts and behaviors and set right anything that is out of alignment so that we can embrace our god-selves quickly and comfortably.

 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Let’s keep seeking and finding together,
Rev. Shawn