Living From the Super-consciousness “Practical Spirituality Is Practical Living”

Hey Everybody,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Practical Spirituality Is Practical Living”

We must learn how to apply our spirituality practically.  As they say, “Keep it simple.”  They also say, “Be ye as a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven.”  I have to do my spirituality as a little child.  I have to just do it and trust that it works even though I don’t necessarily know how it works.  However, being as a little child doesn’t mean being an ignorant fool.  I know what hurts me and it is only willful ignorance that would make me keep doing what hurts me or others.  Willful ignorance is not practical spirituality.  

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to practice what we KNOW to be right and true.  For some reason, it can seem like applying the Truth of God will somehow make us lose.  I have won again and again by childishly applying Truth Principles in my practice and still I will ruminate over the next time as if it might not work this time.  I have learned that I don’t always get the things I want, but when I apply Divine Principle, I always have greater understanding that what I was pushing for wasn’t the right thing at this time.  Sometimes, I really find how off-base I have been in even wanting it.

If I want something that diminishes another being, I’m never happy if I get it.  If I have to go out of integrity to acquire something, I’m never truly satisfied with having it.  In my awakened consciousness, I can never justify lying, cheating and/or stealing.  I can’t justify character assassination of my brothers and sisters.  That is why I must awaken to my Super-conscious mind aka my Christ Mind.  I must surrender to the bigness that is bigger than the world I see.  I must surrender to the thoughts of Oneness, Peace, Joy, Love, Wisdom and Intelligence.

This is practical spirituality.  Let’s all take some time away from our worries and resentments and offer that time over to thinking about our spiritual practice and ask ourselves if what we believe and practice is practical when applied.  Then ask ourselves if we would be willing to apply it to any aspect of life that we have been avoiding or putting off till later.  Let’s go ahead and trust that practical spirituality is practical NOW.

Make your spiritual practice practical.  

Here is a list of what Practical Spirituality is according to Unity School:

1.    Practical Spirituality is based upon the truth that God is Spirit, all-knowing, all-powerful, and always everywhere present.

2.    Man is therefore far more than a reflection of God. Every man is potentially all that God is, because he/she is the offspring of God, made in the divine image and likeness.

3.    In the light of our new understanding of the atonement it will be seen that Practical Spirituality stands for the redemption of the whole man. For centuries “soul saving” has been an ecclesiastical business. Now a better understanding has come, and we know man to be Spirit, soul, and body.  At-one-ment.

4.    The body is not mortal error.

5.    Practical Spirituality stands for health.

6.    Practical Spirituality stands for the establishment of the kingdom of heaven upon the earth.

7.    Practical Spirituality stands for freedom.

8.    Because God’s abundance is freely provided for all, Practical Spirituality stands for prosperity.

9.    Practical Spirituality stands for spiritual unity.

10.    Practical Spirituality is characterized by simplicity.

11.    Practical Spirituality has for its authority the Holy Spirit (the Voice for God).

12.    “Heal the sick” means far more than to give medicine. To feed the hungry or to clothe the naked calls for something beyond anything that charity has to offer.

13.    “Practical Spirituality” ... is practical because it can be demonstrated in every need of man.

 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Abundant Blessings of Wisdom,

Rev. Shawn