Living From the Super-consciousness: “Our Mission”

Hey Everybody,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Our Mission”

Our mission here at Unity Center of Norwalk is to “CONTINUALLY DISCOVER, DEMONSTRATE, and EDUCATE that our source of Good is God within.”  

Our mission is still applicable and what drives our church during easy times and confusing times.  

If you don’t know, a mission is a concise explanation for an organization’s reason for existence.  It describes the organization’s purpose and its overall intention.  Why else would we exist except to be reminded and remember to live in the confidence and assurance that that we have a spiritual purpose which is continual and serves all beings.

Several years ago Unity Center of Norwalk was inspired to create and adopt a new mission to reflect where we had come to at that point, and we still feel it is apropos to our organization as well as apropos to each of us individually.  

While we don’t, as a community, meet in the same building, we are still a Spiritual Community that joins together to maintain a common bond and purpose.  That purpose is to “Continually, discover, demonstrate and educate that our Source of Good is God within.”  Our mission, collectively and individually, doesn’t change.  We are connected in the KNOWING that “our Source of Good is God within,” and we are responsible to pass that message along.  

I encourage all of us to remember that statement several times a day.  “Our Source of good comes from God within.”  Good never comes from the outside.  That doesn’t mean the outside can’t reflect our good from within, but good never starts in the outside.  The outside is always temporary and the good of God is always eternal.

Another important thing to remember in doing this is that you aren’t doing it alone.  The whole Unity Community is doing this.  This mission doesn’t just belong to the organization; it belongs to each individual in the organization.  

Let us all gather today in Spirit so that we may KNOW together that OUR SOURCE of GOOD COMES FROM GOD WITHIN!

 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Grateful to Share This Mission With You,

Rev. Shawn