Living From the Super-consciousness: “Finding a Way to Love the Ones I Don’t Like”

Living From the Super-consciousness
“Finding a Way to Love the Ones I Don’t Like”

Last week, I wrote this: We’re switching from thinking “In Christ-est” living to Living From the Superconscious Mind.  So what is the Superconscious Mind?  It is the aspect of Mind within us that is equivalent to the Christ Mind. 

Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Do you have anyone that you are finding it hard to experience forgiveness around?  I have worked diligently on forgiveness ever since I (consciously) began my healing journey twenty-seven years ago.  Bill Wilson, the co-founder of the Alcoholics Anonymous program said, “Resentment is the number one offender; it destroys more people than anything else.  A person mired in resentment has little chance of recovery.” 

This is not limited to addicts.  It is a sound message for all of us.  Our resentments are what allows us to forget God and thus forget we are Good.  In unforgiveness we get confused around love and we think it is only for the people we like or at least satisfy our ego.

I’ve had a handful of people over the years who I have been holding out on and I don’t like it.  I keep praying on it but I find only brief respites from my resentful thoughts about them as if I am somehow justified in my judgments.  Although, I had a breakthrough on Sunday afternoon and I said “Hello” to a neighbor I have been holding mentally hostage for fourteen years.  I want to release him from my unqualified judgments so that when I see him, I can have thoughts of God rather than “what he did to us.” 

As far as I know, the only way to reach the freedom of having no resentments is to take on thoughts of God/love.  Several years ago I began praying on forgiveness.  I was surprised and impressed by what came through.  My prayer was, “God, I don’t know how to forgive, but I know you do, so I am willing to experience forgiveness for….  Thank you.”  You’ll notice that I did personify God in that prayer because sometimes you just have to.  What surprised me was some of the words.  When the word “experience” came in my prayer I was relieved to realize that forgiveness isn’t something we do, it is an experience.  From that day on, when thoughts of grudges come up, I say that prayer and explore my willingness.  The first one that came up was with my father.  Circumstances kept shifting to make way for the realization that my father’s actions weren’t about me even though they affected me.  I also got to meet two half brothers of mine and find out their lives with him weren’t better than mine without him.  I was suddenly able to let him be “Jack” rather than “My father who left me.”  I have been free of those thoughts about him ever since and I haven’t needed or wished the past to be different with him at all.

If that experience was so great, why wouldn’t I be willing to experience that same forgiveness with everyone I have resentment towards?  I don’t know.  I do know that I must continue diligently praying around these beings and my thoughts so that I can be set completely free from any and all expectations of a different past.  It’s hard work some days, but it is really gratifying when I succeed in my willingness.  Over the years I have had several experiences of release from the bondage of thinking about various friends and coworkers.  I will continue in my pursuits of loving the ones whose behaviors I haven’t liked…and try to cut off, at the pass,  any new resentments that are brewing.

As I continue to acknowledge the Superconscious Mind in me active and awake now, I suspect it will be easier.

So grateful that we are interested in our Spiritual Gifts,
Rev. Shawn