Living From the Super-consciousness “Find a Way To Be Seen”

Hey U-nity,

Living From the Super-consciousness
“Find a Way To Be Seen”

Another title for this could be “Let Your Light Shine.”  When I was in my first seminary we were assigned an exercise on the very first date where we walked around the room and with each person we encountered we said, “I am here to be seen.”  Each being was to respond, “I see you and I am glad you are here.”

I was and continue to be grateful for that exercise.  Why would I be in a seminary if I weren’t there to be seen?  Why be a minister if I’m not expecting to be seen.  I am expecting God/Light to be seen through me.  That exercise took away my false modesty.  It was okay to want to be seen.  Especially if I had something of quality to look at. 

I was no longer looking to be seen in order to be objectified for lust, or to be “special.”  I had a great longing to be seen for my authentic self.  I wanted to be seen before I spoke a single word.  That day, I realized I had something to offer and it was valuable.  I was no longer looking to be validated, but to be seen.  With that, it didn’t matter if people acknowledged seeing me or not.  I knew I was very visible and I needed to maintain my Light if I wanted to maintain my value.  I also knew that not everyone wanted the Light I was offering and that didn’t matter.  The Light had been seen.

Over the years I have met many who long to be seen because they have never felt seen.  Yes, many of our parents didn’t want our Light, but rather, they seemed to value something in us that wasn’t authentic, but instead was convenient to their psyche.  Some of us walked away from our childhood homes feeling unseen, unloved and with no sense of true identity.

Others walk through life thinking it is immodest and shameful to want to be seen.  I get it; there are extroverts and introverts.  Even the introverts want to be seen for their Light….if they could just admit the Truth that they are Light.

Find your way to be seen.  Start with this if you haven’t already, look into your mirror and say, “Hi God, I am here to see myself as I am seen by God.”  Don’t make up a story that God somehow has an opinion of you.  Instead, say, “I am here to see myself as Good because I know that is how God sees me.” 

I heard a mother say to her adult child the other day, “If I had it to do over with what I know now, I would have told you that you were Good every single day.”  It touched me to hear that.  It’s never too late and if our parents can’t do that for us now, let’s do it for ourselves.  Look in the mirror and say, “You are Good.  I AM GOOD!

If you are struggling to remember, call me and ask for a reminder.  203-855-7922

Peek-a-boo, I see You…and you are Good!

Rev. Shawn