Living From the Super-consciousness “Equal In God”

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Equal In God”

Is everyone equal?  I say yes even though it often doesn’t look like it on the surface.   I see clearly, that I have always had the same opportunity to go within and know God as anyone else has had the opportunity to do.  I see that I have always been able to see beyond every appearance even though what was going on at the time was clearly unfair and hurtful on a human level.  I also see that I ignored that for almost half of my life and it has take the other half to build up better habits.

I came into Unity holding the thought that with my past, I had very few options in life except hope.  I didn’t have much of an educational background.  I didn’t have family connections.  I hadn’t had any inheritances to cushion me.  I had a relationship with God but not much idea as to how to use It or how to pray practically.  

When I came into Unity, I found out that my past had no bearing on what God IS, has been, or ever was.  What God IS has always been the same and I can’t change that; nor should I try.  Many have attempted to influence me into thinking of a God that I ought to fear rather than respect.  I knew better than that then and I know better than that now.  

We are all equal in that we are loved equally in God, and I have no idea why life is incredibly hard for some and seemingly easy and privileged for others.  What I have to hold to is that we are all equal in the Love that God Is.  If I don’t, I take on thoughts of guilt and shame and I begin to think that I am not loved and my hope begins to fade.  I have worked diligently for many years to remember that all beings are Good in God and that is not based on behaviors.  That is based on the nature of God.  

We must interrupt the thoughts that we are somehow bad and that the world is somehow bad.  We must remind ourselves that the world is screwy because of our thinking and that we can aright the world with True thoughts.  Start thinking True thoughts about yourself.  Then start thinking True thoughts about your neighbor.  Keep doing it, over and over and over again.  If it’s not a True thought, interrupt and it start again.  Refuse to tell yourself anything untrue about yourself or your neighbor.  Let’s do that now and notice the difference we make.  Let’s prove that we are equal within God.  

Glad to KNOW the Truth of Our Being Together,
Rev. Shawn