Living From the Super-consciousness “Change Happens…when we commit to a spiritual practice.”

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Change Happens…when we commit to a spiritual practice.”

When we commit to a spiritual practice, lots of changes take place.  Some are subtle and some are like dynamite going off without your permission.  New Thought writer Emilie Cady (Lessons In Truth) wrote of an experience we call “chemicalization.”  Chemicalization is what happens when we introduce new ideas to old ways of thinking.  Often our lives go SMOOSH in one way or another.  

 What is the spiritual practice you have committed to?  Have you committed to a life where you actually desire to hear the Voice of Spirit guiding you in thoughts of Love and Intelligence?  Or have you made the illusion of a spiritual commitment, but are still busy telling yourself and God what is wrong with you and the rest of the world that is revolving around you?  If you have done the second, are you puzzled as to why life is still so hard?

That may sound judgmental, but I know from personal experience the difference between the two and I know that when I truly desire my relationship with God and as a God-being my life is easier.  When I assume that God is on my side and I am willing to follow the guidance for love, forgiveness, peace and joy, then I am confident that Good is present no matter what seems to be going on.  

Now, sometimes, when I make that commitment to Love, everything unlike it appears.  People may become more erratic and unkind than before.  Suddenly there is a shortage of money.  My face breaks out.  My hair falls out.  I gain weight.  People I love get sick and people I love die.  Or I get diagnosed with illness.  Or, the person I hated the most wins the lottery.  They fall in love.  People I have held judgments towards suddenly seem to be happy when they don’t deserve to be happy…especially since I’m the one who made the spiritual commitment!

Maintain your spiritual commitment and assume you will begin to see God active and present everywhere, including in places you least expected it.  (Like in the people you don’t care for.)  You will begin to see how your old judgments can’t keep God’s good away from anyone.  

When we commit, or recommit, to a full-on spiritual practice change is going to happen and we must assume that this change is Good and “God is active and present in my own and everyone’s life.”  Become glad that you are suddenly awake and noticing how life is active and an event that affects everyone for Good.  

Spiritual commitment doesn’t mean that life isn’t going to happen; it means that we will know what to do with it when it does.

Let’s give thanks that we in Unity are making this spiritual commitment together.  We’re all doing it to different degrees, but we are doing it.  We have learned that it is safe to do it because God isn’t a whimsical old man, but a loving, intelligent presence, active and present in our mind and in our life.  Hold on to that thought and make the full commitment so that the full change takes place.  It is a change that is Good.

 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Grateful for the change,
Rev. Shawn