Living From the Super-consciousness “Alternatives”

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness

We have many alternatives within our thinking.  I’m not stuck with my first, second or even third thought.  I always have the alternative of choosing for Truth.  Also for Love, Peace, Wisdom, Prosperity, and Presence.  No one is leaving me with only one choice in my thinking.  We are not nearly as trapped as some of us have believed ourselves to be.  

Think of it as getting across town.  There are alternatives in the journey.  You can take the usual way.  There may be less trafficked ways to take and there are the alternatives of waiting till later and just staying home today.

In prayer we have alternatives.  We can use denials and affirmations.  We can just affirm.  

We can correctly use our Twelve Powers and we can incorrectly use our Twelve Powers.   We can love and we can hate.  We can then see which alternative lets us feel closer to God.  

Observe your alternatives today.  Before you complain (which is one of your alternatives) inspect Divine Possibility and then look at your choices.  Pick from the ones likely to bring the most joy to all beings.

Joy, Joy, Joy,
Rev. Shawn