Living From the Super-consciousness “In What Direction Is Your Attitude?

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“In What Direction Is Your Attitude?”

“That old nest of negativism followed me everywhere I went.”  This is a quote from someone and I’m not sure who.  When I read it, I realized that even with all of my positivity, I still had plenty of negativity.  

The quote came from an article seeking to help us in recognizing our unconscious negativity.  This isn’t about trying to make any of us guilty for our negativity.  Nor is it a new age way of saying, “Be Positive!”  It is just about becoming conscious of our negativity and how we express it in our body and our world.

Observe your thoughts and your speech and from that you can assess what your expectations from life are.  What do you expect from today?  So many of us are bemoaning yesterday and tomorrow, we don’t even notice the good of today.  If that is you, readjust your thinking and your speech.  We don’t have to voice our upsets.  We don’t have to voice our projections just because we think them.  

I have friends who protect their negative thinking by defending against a positive attitude.  “Don’t tell me to be positive; I have to feel my feelings!”  

Yes, go ahead and feel your feelings, but don’t give out a doomsday report while you are doing it.

When I was a kid, I got approval from my mother by criticizing the neighbors or anyone she didn’t like.  As a child, I had no idea how that would affect me later on.  I couldn’t have known how many people I would attract who were just like my mother and seemed relieved when I expressed what was wrong with other people and how judged they felt when I expressed what I like about people.  

What direction is your attitude flowing?  In a positive or a negative direction?  When the topic of God comes up, do you feel comforted or judged?  I don’t mean if someone is criticizing you, but just the general topic of God and how someone is expressing their beliefs?  When someone talks about their church or lack of church, what direction is your attitude flowing?

What about the subject of money?  Do your thoughts flow upward or downward? How about forgiveness…or even politics.  One might think they have the right to be negative about politics, but no, not really.  One can look for Light in that conversation as well and not have to compete in the conversation.  I’ve seen many a political conversation go south even when everyone agrees.  They bring people who aren’t even in the building into the conversation so they can argue with them while they aren’t there.  

I suggest we find and develop a positive attitude so that we may know our God-selves better.  Let’s look for God active and present in everything and everyone.  I guarantee that if we look while being willing to see, we will see.  

Use this technique in each event of your day, including looking into the mirror, your wallet, and your past.  Call forth the willingness to see God and your attitude will definitely look upward.

You Are Great,
Rev. Shawn