Living From the Super-consciousness:“Why?” Doesn’t Matter

Hey Everybody,
“Why?” Doesn’t Matter

Years ago I was advised to not embark on yet another useless journey.  It occurred to me that the question “Why?” was a useless journey.  Why?  Because there is no definite answer to the question.  I will have to satisfy it from the intellect.  

This makes a lot of sense to me.  Now I go within and ask “How do I think about this?”  Rather than, “Why is this happening?”  “What were you thinking when you did this?”  Rather than, “Why did you do this?”  

In Unity, we are taught that thought is cause.  If I like the results of my actions, I need to see my thinking that brought it about.  If I don’t like the results of my actions, I need to see the thinking that brought it about.

Finding out “why” I did it won’t continue it or stop it.  It will just give me intellectual conversation about it, often either blocking or perpetuating it.

I encourage all of us to observe our thinking and then go within to ask how to think for the future.  Remember, we want our thinking to align with God, not just be used for manifesting stuff.  It’s not about manifesting.  It is about the Power that brings about manifestation.  It is about the Source of our strength.

Keep the focus where it belongs, on the Source.  Why things happen don’t matter nearly so much as that they happen.  Pay attention.
Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Glad to be experimenting together,

Rev. Shawn