Living From the Super-consciousness:“Are You Who You Were?

Hey Everybody,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Are You Who You Were?”

The answer is “No, I’m not who I was.”  If you want to go deep, you could also say, “I’m not who I think I am now.”  

I never was who I thought I was and you never are who I think you are.  We just experience ourselves and each other as we think we are.

We are God-beings and that’s hard to understand.  This is hard stuff, but if we let go of old beliefs and welcome new concepts into our conscious mind, we will be free.  Imagine yourself as a God-being and that’s enough.  You aren’t who you have behaved as and you aren’t what your thoughts are.  You aren’t what someone tells you, you are as far as how much they like or dislike you.  We aren’t who our body tells we are.  We aren’t our appetites and/or addictions.  We are God-beings.  

If we are willing to simplify our thinking and just ask ourselves, “If I knew I was a God-being right now, what choice would I make about this?”  It’s impressive what answers we get.  Just thinking of myself differently leads to different choices than I might otherwise have made.  Thinking of someone else differently opens new doors in relationships.  

Imagine yourself free of all resentments.  Imagine yourself free of being bound to your attachment to opinions, your stuff, your schedule etc….   

In that freedom we will no longer be who we thought we were and we will be (in our conscious mind) who or what we actually are.  Again, we are not likely to have words for what we are, but we will know a freedom and a happiness that will be deeper than we had previously experienced.

Let your Superconscious mind inform you of your identity today.

 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Rev. Shawn