Live It Up Now

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Live It Up Now”

Do you live to the capacity of your joy?  Do you know that it’s possible to do just that?  Of course, you will have to choose to do so.  What’s great is that you can do it right now with whatever money you have and whatever shape your body is in.  Just look at what you think is possible from where you currently are and go for it.  We don’t have to live in misery just because we can’t do certain things.  We all can do something wonderful and enlivening from where we are.  At the very least, we can think differently.  If we can walk, we can take a walk.  If we can speak we can call forth what we want.  We can play a game or make a call or have a lovely meal or …all sorts of things.  We can choose from where we are to “live it up” in gratitude and joy.  

There are small ways and gigantic ways.  We can take the risk of asking someone on a date, all the while knowing that yes or no are two of the possible responses.  We can, at the very least, smile and say “Hello” to someone we find appealing, either romantically or even intellectually.  We can apply for jobs that we have no idea if they will hire us but definitely won’t if we don’t apply.  We can play.  We can invest.  We can dance even though we are awful dancers.  We can sing…even off pitch.  We can seek to demonstrate our desires and passions.  We can…we can…we can.

How will you live it up today so that you can go to bed tonight saying, “Yes, I lived like I ought to live today.  Thank you, God!”