Let Us Awaken to the Bigness of God

Hey Everybody,  
"Let Us Awaken to the Bigness of God"

God is Divine Mind and it lives within us and it is talking to us about everything.  Now we must listen.

Are you staying small because that’s all you know?  Are you consciously or unconsciously trying to keep others small because you’re afraid of getting bigger?  

“This is the way it is for me so it’s good enough for everybody.”  “No one gives me anything good, so I’m not giving anything.”  “Who does he think he is to live so extravagantly when there are people struggling in the world?  I’m going to have to take him down a peg or two…or throw him away altogether.”   
Do you love who you have become as a result of what we teach here at Unity Center?  Do you do things that you never thought you would do because of what we teach here at Unity Center?  Is your life bigger in many ways because of what you discovered here at Unity Center?  Are the people around you doing impressively wonderful things?  Do you still notice it or do you now take it for granted?  Here’s the part of your responsibility.  If your life isn’t bigger, it’s because you haven’t stepped forward into the practice of bigness or…you’re just not paying attention.

I’ve witnessed people’s lives change radically as a result of the spiritual gifts offered here…and I have seen others run away from here because they are terrified of what is being offered here.  I’ve seen others stay and try to bring others down to their level because they are poor and don’t believe they can be rich.  I’ve seen people become tithers and were shocked at how their money consciousness changed.  I’ve seen others tithe and nothing changed except that their fear of money grew even greater.  

One of the most disturbing things I have witnessed here and in many churches are those who think this is nice here but know that they would be much better at being God than God is.  They live as if they are smarter than God and that somehow Divine Principle doesn’t apply to them so they have to fight for everything.  (Not that they have educated themselves as to what Divine Principle is.)  There is an attitude that if God were smarter, then God wouldn’t let “bad” things happen to good people.

 I came into Unity as a healing being and I was promised that I could have a better and bigger life than anything I could ever imagine.  I was promised that my need for competition would end and that I was as good as anyone and yet never better than anyone.  I was promised that if I learned spiritual principle and divine law, and practiced it in each aspect of my body and life, I would have as much Good as I could handle and I wouldn’t be fooled by the illusions of money, food, my body and the seeming selfish, foolishness of others.  I was promised that I could love all beings and be free of judgment even though their understanding of prosperity was different than mine.  I was also promised that I wouldn’t need to force my understanding on them or allow them to make me poor.

I was promised health, wealth and joy.  I was promised unity with all beings, and I was promised that all I had to do to have it was change my mind about everything.  It’s hard (but not impossible) to change our mind about everything.  We’re very attached to our old ways even though they don’t work, they keep us small and they prevent us from being in the bigness of God.  We’re afraid to be generous because then we won’t have enough.  Or we’re overly generous because we’re ashamed of who we think people might think we are.  We’re afraid to receive because we fear people will think we are needy.  We’re ashamed of our God because we can’t begin to explain it for fear of what people might think.  Mostly, we’re thinking about ourselves more than we are thinking of Divine Mind within us.

I don’t say all this to induce guilt.  I say it to wake us up.  Wake up to the promises of New Thought.  Wake up to who you are (God’s beloved child in whom all good is possible.)  Wake up to knowing that all that God IS is in you, but you are not God itself nor are you in competition with God.  Wake up to know that there is a loving solution to all confusion.  Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up to the BIGNESS of God.

In Christ Awakened In Me,

Rev. Shawn