Is It Worth It?

Hello Unity Friends & Family,
"Is It Worth It?"

Lately I have had to ask myself if my upset is worth giving up my peace?  Sometimes I say, "Yes", and yet it's never true.  It's never worth it, even though that doesn't stop me from trying to make it so. 
Is being poor worth our chatter about not having enough money?  Is having sickness in the world worth our sick thoughts.  Is getting to complain about how sick and/or tired we are worth being sick and tired?
Yes, awful things have taken place in our lives and in the lives of those we love.  Yes, people are going through really hard times.  Yes, many of us have doubts about how we are going to make it.  Is it worth keeping the hard times by maintaining our story about the hard times?

I have a friend who asked for something and after my friend got the "yes" he was seeking, he continued to ask for it.  I had to tell him to stop asking since he already got a "yes".

God has already given us a "yes" to the love we long for, as well as the peace, joy, wisdom and understanding.  Our prosperity and abundance has already been given and we are throwing it away so that we can keep pretending it isn't.  Is it worth ignoring our riches so that we can complain about the terrible shape our world is in?  Is it worth ignoring the Presence of God as a Reality so that we can continue to create the absence of God in our minds.  Is it worth it?

I have to decide for myself, today, right now if it is.  If it is, I will continue to do what I have done and continue to get what I have gotten.  If it isn't worth it, I will think and do something else and I will begin to experience my God-self once again.  It is my decision for me and your decision for you.

Thank you for your consideration,