Is It a Choice Worth Choosing For?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Is It a Choice Worth Choosing For?”

Recently I did a talk on the passage from Matthew 22:14, “Many are called, few are chosen.”  This isn’t about being one of the chosen few.  It is about us choosing…me choosing for…the Kingdom of God.  All are called to the Kingdom, many of us are not answering right now because we have other plans for the time being.  The problem with delaying our choice for the Kingdom is that it gets harder to hear as we fill our minds with other/false information about ourselves, our body and each other.  

Today, I advise all of us to notice the choices before us and ask ourselves if the choice we are making is worth choosing FOR….  What is it we want when we make this choice or that choice?  If it is just the satisfaction of the flesh, it’s not worth choosing for.  How much Good will be for all beings in the choice I am making?  

Listen for how you are called to the Kingdom.  Remember, you are probably not being called for sainthood, but you are being called to a higher consciousness that includes, health, well-being, harmony and even wealth.  Let’s stop thinking that God isn’t willing that we experience our Good.  Let’s start thinking that our Good comes from our Source and Supply, God.  God doesn’t give it because we are well behaved.  God has already given it and we receive it because we have come into alignment with what we want to experience.  Direct your work today in having the perfect alignment with Spirit, God, Principle.  Listen and Know.

Grateful for hearing the calling,