It’s So Different Than I Thought

Hey Everybody,
"It’s So Different Than I Thought”

Everything seems to be so different than I thought It Would Be.  Success is different.  Failure is different.  Age is different.  Money is different.  People are different.  Love is different.  Relationships are different.  Forgiveness is different.  Peace is different and Wisdom is different.  Most of all, God is different.  Jeeze!  Everything is different.
I often wish that many things would stop changing… then there are others I can’t wait to see change.  Really, it’s a life of whimsy I want.  I want what I want when I want it and I don’t want the other stuff when I don’t want it.  It can be a burden to be me with these thoughts.

I went to my home town a few weeks ago.  I was shocked at how different everything is than I remember it.  My childhood home is much smaller than it was when I was a child.  (The house didn’t get smaller; I just didn’t notice its size as a child.)  

Have you ever bitten into a piece of delicious looking carrot cake and discovered it was spice cake?  For me, that is very different and not a pleasant different.

Have you met people who are so different than you thought they’d be?

When you came to Unity, was it different than you thought church would be?  Were the people different?  Was the music different?  What about the message and the philosophy, were they different than you had anticipated?

 Everything I just listed was wildly different than I had expected.  Even better, it was a “different” I liked.  So it was easy to call it good.  It’s that other “different” that makes life harder.  It doesn’t make life bad, but it can be exhausting and disconcerting.

A prayer I like to use when I’m confronted by my own discomfort when things are different is, “Spirit, show me all of the good in this so that I don’t confuse it with anything else.”  I’m always shown when I ask.  I’m not always shown in words but often in understanding and divine ideas.

Different can be really disconcerting but it also shows us what we are thinking right now.  Pay attention to those thoughts and see how you can use them for freedom.


Rev. Shawn