An Insight from Rev. Shawn

Welcome Home,
“An Insight from Rev. Shawn”

I am at Unity Village as I write this.  It is freezing cold and I see that a lot of humans work here.  It is not the image of angels who are perpetually enlightened walking ethereally around the grounds.  No, it is people who have everyday thoughts and concerns and confusions and currently, I am one of them. Many of us Truth Students who have become ministers come here to serve and be served as we accomplish our purpose of being here on these sacred grounds.

The first time I came here, the weather was similar.  It was a bleak, cold March day as I drove up and entered “the Village” which is right off of the highway.  There was not a long, majestic drive to get what I assumed would be similar to the gates of heaven.  No, while it is a beautiful place, it is right off the highway, and it has cracks in the buildings and is in need of repair and money to maintain it.  (Not unlike ourselves) What there was here and still is here is an underlying memory of Spirit.  The walls are prayed up, even if many who live here have forgotten that in their busyness to get the business done.  

I am reminded of Eric Butterworth’s statement, “The Church is not where we pray but those who pray.”  So here I am with a lot of ministers, many of whom are my close friends and in our work, we are praying together. We are not praying for something as if it is missing, but we are praying together because we know the Presence of God is not about buildings, it is about the Presence of God.  The Presence of God isn’t worried about who forgot because the Presence of God isn’t worried.  I, personally, am here to remember the Presence of God while I am doing my other work here.  My other work is to help bring new ministers into the Unity movement.  In joining with all of these Truth Students/minister (a minister ought always be first a Truth Student), I remember when I first came here wanting to know more about how to practice God.  I wanted to forget who Shawn isn’t, and know that Shawn is a beloved, powerful child of Light, Love, Wisdom and Knowledge.  I wanted to know that even more than getting stuff, although I was promised stuff.  I wanted to know my connection to Source and how to demonstrate it so that I could be the one to testify, “I did ‘this’ and then I saw ‘this’.  It’s not just other people who can do it, I can too.  So if I can do it, so can you!”  Now I come here to ask myself if that’s still my greatest desire.

This letter has taken a few turns.  I hope you stayed with me for that last point.  It’s also up to you to ask yourself if consciously demonstrating your Light is your greatest desire.  If it isn’t, I highly recommend that you decide that it is.  Nothing short of it will satisfy you sufficiently.  Think about it.

In Constant Love,

Rev. Shawn