An Insight From Emma Curtis Hopkins

Welcome Home Everybody,
“An Insight From Emma Curtis Hopkins”

 “When the Lord is your confidence you will never find yourself deceived by the ways and speech of men and women, though they be very brilliant, if they speak outside of the Principle that demonstrates healing and goodness and life.”

Emma Curtis Hopkins, considered the “Teacher of Teachers,” taught her faith freely and without apology.  Her statement above is telling us to place our faith in the Lord (meaning Law) and then we won’t make people and what they say our source.  She is saying we won’t be tempted to believe what is not true if we are focused on what is true.

This is some good stuff.  However, it can be difficult if we are one of those people who make other people their God.  The best advice I can give for that is, “Stop doing it!”  People, while in their body can be quite limited in their perceptions.  Even the wisest of them can be mistaken.  I’ve known more than one minister/spiritual leader who is an amazing channel on the pulpit and the exact opposite of that message when they ought to be an example.  Off-stage they are shockingly unapologetic for ignoring what they ask us to believe.  I know others who are very confused when it comes to God and the Good of God.  There is one very famous, very revered preacher who unconsciously teaches of duality, and all in the name of prosperity and joy.  In a book of his, he wrote about being “in favor with God” and that’s how he got a surprise upgrade to first-class seats on a plane.  Really!?  No one else on that plane was as or more in favor with God than you?  I don’t want your God…but I do want your first-class seats on my next flight.
From all accounts, Emma Curtis Hopkins kept her focus on her relationship with God.  She knew that she didn’t need to concern herself with who got upgraded (unlike myself here.)  She knew that all experiences were based on her connection with her Source and Supply and that it was her thoughts that controlled how she experienced everything.  She could not afford “magic” ministers or doctors with the voice of doom.  She needed to remember her Oneness with God/Source.

When we remember and adhere to our Oneness, we need never try to get anything again.  Why?  Because we’ll know that we already have everything.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to know that we already have all the Good there is?  And, the only thing we have to do to experience is give up the belief that it is somehow absent? Wouldn’t that be great?

Imagine that your greatest desire is to KNOW God/Source/Law/Principle.  What feelings come up for you?  If you imagine any lack or sacrifice, reimagine it.  Continue this as part of your practice.  “All I want is here now and I am willing to think the thoughts I need to think.  I am willing to say the words I need to say.  I am willing to take the actions I need to take.  I am willing to release the thoughts, words and confusion that block the Good that I am promised that I have.”

Oh Yes,

Rev. Shawn