I Want This So Goodly

Hey Everybody, “I Want This So Goodly”

How often do we say, “I want this so badly.” Let’s start wanting what we want goodly. Let’s manifest and enjoy our manifestations in the best way possible. Let’s manifest free and clear without guilt, shame and especially doubt of worthiness. It is within Spirit to bring our lives into our mental and physical experience. If we don’t manifest, it’s just a matter that we haven’t yet aligned our thoughts with the desired outcome. There is never any good that is withheld from us.

The point is, begin to want what you want in a good way and leave the word “bad” out of it. We’re allowed to want what we want. Want it is the best way, not “the worst” way. We want things in life, not because we don’t have them but because we believe we can. We just don’t yet see how to manifest them. They do say, practice makes perfect. Practice spiritual alignment.


Rev. Shawn