I Let Go of All That Isn’t Me.

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“I Let Go of All That Isn’t Me.”

What if that were your prayer?  “I release from myself all that isn’t me.”  Would you give over to the nothingness everything that isn’t you so that you could effortlessly give over all that is you to what we call God?  Do you feel any relief just thinking about it?

Imagine your day without worry, concern, doubt, guilt, sickness, resentment, criticism, lack of any kind, shame, embarrassment, regret, opinions, defense, ….

What does it feel like to imagine being you with all of those things that you aren’t?  Is it freeing or terrifying?  Does it bring ease or discomfort?  How much grieving do you require to let go of all that isn’t you?

Years ago, I stopped smoking for a while and then I started again.  When I started again I felt awful.  My body felt icky and my mind felt clogged.  I smelled and I couldn’t light the next one fast enough.  In stopping I hadn’t realized how nice I was feeling in mind and body without the cigarettes.  In starting again and seeing how lousy I felt, I wondered if that was how I had always felt as a smoker but had gotten used to it and thought it was natural to feel that way.  I did stop again and haven’t smoked in over twenty years.  Recently I have been on a very healthy diet where I eat a lot of vegetables and no sugar or dairy or flour.  My body feels great.  One night I went on a binge and immediately felt the difference.  Pain isn’t what I am so it’s not natural.  I don’t have to adjust to pain, suffering, lack or confusion.  I have to let go of what is not me by way of prayer, meditation and strict adherence to spiritual law.  

I encourage all of us to let what isn’t us fall away into the nothingness and live a great life as we really are.

In the Best Possible Blessings,