I Don’t Forget Where I Came From…But I Don’t Live There Anymore

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“I Don’t Forget Where I Came From…But I Don’t Live There Anymore”

I was taught early in my healing to “never forget my misery.”  That means that I should always remember why I came in for a healing in the first place.  If I didn’t, I was likely to go back out in order to learn the same lessons.  So far, I haven’t forgotten.  Recently, I heard someone else say, “I don’t forget where I came from, but I don’t live there anymore either.”  

That last part is important in our healing journey.  We don’t have to make the same choices/ decisions just because old patterns are here taunting us and telling us we should make the choices we made before…even though those choices didn’t work very well for us before.  I say “didn’t work well for us” even though those choices got us here seeking healing.  

Nevertheless, “not forgetting our misery” doesn’t mean buying a condo and living in our misery so that we couldn’t possibly forget it.  We must move forward in the promises of Spirit and live in the fulfillment of the Divine Will, that we be Happy, Joyous and Free.  

I marvel every day of my life for where I have come from and where I have come to.  Where have you moved to?  Have you moved into joy?  Have you moved into peace and love?  Have you moved to security and harmony?  If you haven’t, I suggest you check out the real estate there and get back to your broker (Spirit).

Let me know how your transaction works out.

Love and Blessings All the Time,

Rev. Shawn