How Can I Be Sure?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“How Can I Be Sure?"

Often, individuals do not want to commit to an invisible Presence because they are not sure if It exists.  I understand.  We have witnessed misery and suffering so it’s easy to put our faith in that.  We have seen sin, sickness and death.  We have seen our bodies.  We have experienced the flesh and so much in the physical realm and for some of us we don’t even know how much we have experienced in the Spiritual/Invisible realm.
I had to start paying attention to what was happening around me that I couldn’t understand and rethink it all.  Once I decided that Good is possible and likely, I could then look and see that there had been good stuff happening my whole life and I had been taking it for granted, or chalking it up to coincidence.  Now, I notice stuff happening all of the time and I now understand that it is just the Universe showing up for my new thinking.
How is it that things I couldn’t find in a room are suddenly obvious in the room?  (like keys) How is it that I think of someone and suddenly they call?  How is it that there are certain things that I just KNOW?  I KNOW it without a doubt?  Yes, there are others things I don’t yet have any clarity on, but there is so much more that I do; especially when I pay attention.
I am sure that there is more going on in the invisible than in the visible.  I am sure and there are those who might try to prove me wrong, but they never will.  Why?  Because I am sure.  I KNOW!  I am so glad and relieved to KNOW.  I don’t necessarily know what I KNOW, but I know that I KNOW.  

My job here today is to pass along another part of my faith and my practice and then let everyone do with it what they will.  I encourage all of us to pay even closer attention to the Good of the Invisible so that even when we doubt, we KNOW!  Through all of the insanity of our world due to so many beings having forgotten their Source and their Supply, let’s not be one of them.  Let’s KNOW God.  Let’s KNOW Love.  Let’s KNOW Wisdom and Understanding.  

Let us KNOW and be glad for KNOWING.

In Grateful Blessings for Knowing You,

Rev. Shawn