Hope/Faith-What’s the Difference?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Hope/Faith-What’s the Difference?”

This is the first week of Advent and the theme is Hope or Faith.  I used to think they were the same (at least around the Advent theme) but they aren’t.  

Hope is about the future and faith is about now.  I have hope that my Good will appear soon.  I have faith that it’s already here whether I see it or not.  The example I used yesterday is that we are expecting new cars.  I am hoping that they will arrive soon.  However, because they have been delayed so many times, I don’t have faith that they are already here and on their way.  I’m at the point where I’ll believe it if I see it rather than, because I believe it I see it.

A lot of times our hope is that the world will change so that we can feel better about things.  Those with a stronger faith know that the world doesn’t need to change.  A faithful being knows that as he or she shifts in thinking the world shifts with him or her.  Hope isn’t “bad” and faith “Good”.  They are just different.  (Although, faith is less stressful to me.)

I invite us all to discern the difference for ourselves so that we may know better where we are coming from in this new awakening.

Blessings in this new beginning,