Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Happy Thanksgiving”

Sometimes it seems as if talking about gratitude is cliché.  Except for one thing, gratitude is the number one healer.  Gratitude, without exception can heal the entire mind and body as well as relationships and finances.  

Being grateful for what one has is part of the divine law of manifestation.  Gratitude for what you currently have is the way to manifest more in both consciousness and in the physical.  Please remember that what you bless is what you increase.  None of us wants to increase our misery; so we must stop “blessing” it by telling and retelling the story about it.  Do not increase your misery.  At the same time, we don’t know what anything is for.  Give thanks now for what you know and what you don’t know.  Feel however you feel about it but don’t try to convince yourself that your life is somehow bad just because of circumstances.

Look for everything that is obvious that you can be grateful for.  Next look for stuff that is not so obvious.  Then look for what you must be insane to be grateful for and start to imagine how Good either has or could come from it.

I know how hard this can be and it is time consuming, but what do you want to invest your time in today, gratitude or misery?  It really is a choice.  Make the choice for gratitude on some level and watch your Good increase.  Please let me know how this goes for you.

In Loving Gratitude for You,