HAPPY New Year

Hello Fellow Truth Students,
"HAPPY New Year"

Did you know that happiness is a choice and not a goal?  Did you know that our joy is not based on conditions but upon the realization of God as the Source of our being?  

We wish each other "Happy New Year" and then forget to take the advice.  Isn't that what all of the greetings are at the beginning of each year?  Isn't it sound advice that we are giving and receiving?  "Have a Happy New Year!"  This year let's definitely go for it.  Let's claim a "Happy New Year" in our consciousness.  However, let's also remember that a happy year begins with a happy day.  A happy day is filled with happy moments.  

 Each happy moment is about a happy NOW.  Let's have a happy NOW.  Right now take on the thought of God.  Now, take on the thought of God again.  Now, take on the thought of God once more.  Keep that process going.  Each NOW is about God.  There are no NOW's that have confusion.  There are no NOW's that have lack or absence of any kind.  Each NOW is filled with Love, Wisdom, Truth, Understanding, Peace, and each and every aspect of God.

Go for it!  Happy New NOW!

I Love You All,