Happy New Now

Hey Everybody,
“Happy New Now”

Let’s bless every moment of every day.  For too many years so many of us have used New Year’s Day as an opportunity to change the things we don’t like or start a project we have been delaying.  These time barometers can be useful in inspiring ourselves to do greater things.  The problem that can arise is that we then have permission to do some awful things to ourselves before that dreaded day arrives.  

I think it is fantastic to know that we want to diet and exercise as well as become solvent or shift any and all destructive patterns into healthy thinking that leads to healthy activities, and to use a benchmark day as a jumping off point.
I also think it’s important to observe that whatever day or time that you use to shift from this to that, that the day is today and the time is now.  Now is the time for blessings.  Now is always the time for blessings.  There is no other time than now.  Blessing is the power of multiplication so blessings multiply as they are received and experienced.

I actually did quit smoking on New Year’s Day.  I had made a plan and I stuck with it.  However, I had “quit” smoking many times before.  Each time was a stepping-stone towards that last (I hope) time.  (It’s been over 20 years so I am hopeful.)  It took me several attempts to put away the cigarettes that were blocking my prayer life in it’s greatest capacity.  In all of those periods where I was able to resist the call of a cigarette; (sometimes a week, sometimes a day and sometimes till noon) I was beginning a process that could become a new habit; the habit of not smoking.  I didn’t really quit “cold turkey” even though it seemed that way at the time.  That may be the only New Year’s resolution that I have ever stayed with.  

We need our inspiration dates, but we also need now.  We need now filled with all of the love and forgiveness that we can bring up to the surface.  I didn’t want to quit smoking because I was afraid for my health or because I “should” do it.  It was not a traditional moral reason.  I wanted to release the smoking because it was an obsession that was standing in the way of my prayer life.  Anything standing in the way of my conscious contact with God has to be eliminated.  If it were only so easy as that!!!  Life-long habits must be released in a process as a rule.  Rarely does any manifestation happen spontaneously.  Manifestation starts now and manifests now, but there is a process of divine ideas and willingness that started before. 

I encourage all of us to look at anything that might be blocking our conscious connection to our Source.  Then, right now, work on the desire and willingness to shift your thinking and behaviors to equal the manifestation you want to see active and present in your mind and in your life.

We are promised the kingdom and we are promised it right now.  Get on board with that promise and bring it about into your consciousness.  Unburden yourself from old thinking and limited beliefs.  Breathe in the promise of the kingdom and then go on about your business…right now.

Happy New Now,

Rev. Shawn