Happiness Is a Change In Perspective

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Happiness Is a Change In Perspective”

It seems that often we set happiness as a goal rather than an opportunity to see correctly.  The issue with setting happiness as a goal is that we are always seeing our happiness in the future rather than in the present…or in the Presence.   If we take the time to become willing to recognize GOD in all situations and events, we then see all situations and events differently.  At least we do if we don’t have a mean God.  (If you have a mean God, get a new one.)  For everything I’m pleased with, somebody else doesn’t like.  For everything I claim to fear, somebody else walks into with open arms.  What some condemn, others praise and restore.  

Take a look at something.  Recognize your first story about it and then admit that story is true.  The story is one you made up based on past information, attachments and feelings.  How can we know this is so?  Because  if I looked at that same thing, I would have an entirely different story about it.  Clearly the story is yours, the truth of the thing is not.  It takes a large burden off of us when we don’t have to prove the thing we are thinking is true.  How wonderful that we don’t have to convince anyone that what we are perceiving is the truth.  It’s just the way we are currently seeing or understanding some person, place, thing or situation.
The happiness that is available to us when we realize everyone is seeing differently and therefore the way we are seeing, at least for the moment, is the truth to each of us.
The world keeps shifting and changing.  Each of us keeps shifting and changing.  Our likes and dislikes shift.  Our tastes shift.  Our phobias decrease and increase or seem to come out of nowhere at all.  Who we like or dislike shifts as quickly as our mood.  It can shift if we are prayed up or spiritually bereft.
Still, we can choose happiness and here is how.  Don’t resist whatever you are going through.  Don’t attempt to make it not have happened.  Instead, in prayer, ask to see it as it is rather than as it is not.  I am certain that GOD doesn’t hate anything.  I have to believe that, otherwise I could become under the foolish impression that God could hate me and that would be intolerable.  

Today, look at stuff and admit that you don’t really know what they mean and refuse to make something up.  It may be uncomfortable for a bit but you will be free.

Grateful for what I don’t know,