God Is Not a Pinch Hitter

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“God Is Not a Pinch Hitter”

In baseball, a pinch hitter is called in to the game when someone cannot complete the plan.  It’s for when all else fails.  God is not something to be brought into our life experience when all else fails.

We need to start with God and continue with God through the whole journey.  God does not fail…ever.  Though often we fail to use God correctly.  Seek to know God in practice rather than in theory or wishful thinking.  But don’t use God as a last resort.

When we incorporate God into our consciousness first in every day, every thought, every word and every action,…when we start everything  with God, active and present within us, we do things with greater confidence.  We move forward in assurance.
It’s frustrating that so many want to leave God out of the equation of life until they are absolutely desperate.  Use G-O-D at the beginning of every process so that GOD is the equation and not just something that applies only when you are desperate.  

My healing began back in 1989 when I said a prayer one night, “God, I need help. I can’t do it alone anymore.”  That was eye opening.  First of all: I realized that I had been thinking I was doing it all alone and second: the next day I had several ideas of how to reach out and get the help I needed.  When I put God into my consciousness, I get all kinds of good ideas.

So let’s remember together that God is first in our thoughts, our words, our actions and in our very being.  “Seek ye first the presence of God and all things will be added unto ye.”  

So There,

Rev. Shawn