Is Getting What I Want An Opportunity…or a Burden?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Is Getting What I Want An Opportunity…or a burden?”

I used to think that if I could just get the stuff I want, then I could be free to enjoy life.  There is something skewed in my thinking there.  So many things I have wanted require a tremendous amount of maintenance.  For some of us, a new car is a lot of fear and worry each day.  For others, a loving relationship is just a cause for jealousy and possessiveness and an education for someone else is just a pathway to being a big bore and friendlessness.  For others, a strong sense of God and religion makes them either pious or outcasts.
Aren’t those nice thoughts? smiley I tend to think my great ideas are great opportunities…until I think them through or act rashly on them without thinking them through.  A lot of the stuff I want is just to create a feeling rather than creating a better world where all prosper.  Once I think things through, I generally see the wisdom in the desire and the limitations in the plan.  Once I look at my thoughts thoroughly, I can see how my idea is a good one and with some more correct thinking everyone gets a better life.  I may not even know how everyone gets a better life…I just know.  One thing I’m certain of, I must be willing that EVERYONE gets a better life because of what I want.  

If I want a new car, am I willing that everyone gets a better life even though I don’t know how their life will be different.  If I am willing, then a new car is an opportunity.  If I’m not willing, then the car becomes a burden.  Even the desire becomes a burden.  

Get to work at looking at your desire and your willingness for the good of all as a result.  We want freedom not burdens.  Yea!

Here’s to Love of All Beings,

Rev. Shawn