Everything We Think, Say, or Do Has An Effect

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"Everything We Think, Say, or Do Has An Effect"

It continues to surprise me of how much we affect each other.  Growing up, I was taught that I ought to be on my best behavior at all times.  Although, I think what that really meant was, "Don't embarrass me in public."  I see more and more that people are looking for a strong example of Spirit to follow.  People are also looking for how others are falling short of the ideal so they can ease their guilt for falling short themselves.  In ministry, I often find people looking to me for both reasons.  Here’s the deal on that, “People: If I fall short, that’s no excuse for you to fall short; so there!”

That being said, in New Thought, I see that I need to seek to be in my highest consciousness at all times.  There are a couple of solid reasons for that.  One: if I am in my highest consciousness, I will be seeing correctly.  Two: when I see correctly, I am serving the world.  

Every thought, every word, and every deed has an effect on everyone.  Even the stuff we think in private; that we think no one knows about, has an effect.  It affects the minds of all, as well as the planet itself.  Do not concern yourself with the minds and thoughts of others. However, pay attention to what you are thinking.  If your thoughts and words, as well as actions are for the highest, then the frequency of your life experience will serve to raise others consciousness.  If they are not, they will join others in their lower frequency and confusion will be greater.

Early on in my healing, I was taught that I was to be of service, not some of the time, but all of the time.  If you know me, then you know that I have fallen short of this ideal.  However, falling short doesn't give me an excuse for continued forgetting.  It is still my obligation to myself and everyone to set my intention to be of service today in pointing the way towards God.
I can point the way for myself by asking for correct thoughts.  I can point the way through prayer and meditation.  I can point the way by living a life of integrity in all matters, and not hold myself back because of past indiscretions.  (We never point the way through guilt.)  I can point the way through my words, but it is always stronger through example.  

As I said in the beginning, we don't know how we will affect people, so let your thoughts, words, and actions be impeccable.

Love Is All There Is,