End of Year FOR-Giving

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"End of Year FOR-Giving"

Often at the end of the year we find ourselves in need of giving.  For some of us it’s about giving money for a tax benefit.  For others, it’s about giving presents.  What we all need to be giving is FOR-giving.

In your mind, what people, places, institutions and situations do you need to be FOR-giving?  And…what does that FOR-giving look like?

What do you need to rethink or do in order to feel as close as you possibly can to your Source?  It’s not that your Source needs you to change, but we often cannot consciously connect while we have outstanding unforgiveness.  

I invite all of us to clean up any residue of the seeming absence of Spirit in our thoughts, our relationships, our money, our homes, our body’s, etc…  Let’s just clear it all up and start the New Year in gratitude that we were willing to let go and let God be the major contributing factor of Good in our lives.

Happy End of Year FOR-giving Everybody,

Rev. Shawn