Easy Isn’t Based On Conditions; It’s Based On Perceptions

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"Easy Isn’t Based On Conditions; It’s Based On Perceptions"

I used to think stuff was either easy or hard and that’s the way that it was.  I even believed people when they told me it was either easy or it was hard.  In recent years I have understood that things are easy because I perceive them that way.  I also understand that some things are hard because I perceive them that way.  Time and experience keeps teaching me that some things that used to be hard are now very easy, and some things that used to be easy are now hard, and still, it’s based on my perceptions.
That’s why I need to go within to the highest Voice and ask how I can see this as easy.  What I learned is that it’s based on my level of resistance.  If I am resisting something, then I perceive it as hard.  When I put down my resistance, it becomes easy and so that is the way that I see it.
Here’s an example:  I sometimes like to play an online game called Toy Blaster.  Video games were never my specialty because as soon as I had difficulty, I decided they were hard and I put them down.  Somehow, with this game I took on the thought, “It has to be possible to work through this level because others have,” and suddenly it became much easier.  That doesn’t mean I don’t run into challenges, but I always know that it is possible.

That’s how I began to look at singing a few years ago.  I wanted to join in the bandwagon here at Unity and sing, since so many others here were doing it.  I decided it had to be possible that I could both sing on pitch and learn the lyrics to an entire song.  Since that was the case as I decided it, it became relatively easy to do both.  I paid attention to my pitch and I discovered I could pretty much memorize all of the lyrics to a song on one train trip from Darien to Grand Central.  Now, I also know that I have to remind myself of this possibility each time I want to learn a song.  I can’t take it for granted but I can move forward and prove it each time.

When I came into Unity I was promised that all sorts of things were possible for my experiences and I believed my teachers who told me so.  I was also reminded of the law of nonresistance.  I have applied it to many experiences and I have done many things I never would have otherwise.  It happened because I was willing to perceive myself differently.  When I did that, the conditions changed.


Rev. Shawn