Easy Is Based On Perception

Hey Everybody,
"Easy Is Based On Perception”

Whatever I name, “easy,” “hard,” “good,” “bad,” is all based on my perception of the event and how I have processed it.  I always recommend that we never name something as good or bad.  Easy and hard are far more accurate, but it still comes down to my say so.  Nothing is inherently easy or hard; it’s always my perception.  Nothing is ever actually bad, so let that go.  I guess we could say that all is good, but that gets into a complicated area with too much thinking.  Besides, to declare a thing “good” or “bad” is a little arrogant when all we are really declaring is that we either liked it or didn’t like it.

I invite us all to look at our perceptions.  See how they expand or contract our lives.  All perceptions should expand our thinking and open us up for greater understanding and wisdom with perhaps a heaping of love to go into the mix.

I know that when the heat is on we often think that we should be seeing things a certain way, but I suggest we all go into prayer more quickly and ask how we may see things in Truth rather than opinion.  It seems to calm things down pretty quickly.  
Peace, Peace, Peace and Gratitude,

Rev. Shawn