Do You Really Believe What You Say You Believe?

“Do You Really Believe What You Say You Believe?"
Hello Unity Friends and Family,

Are you a practitioner of what you say you believe about God, Truth, Spirit, Love…?  I find I struggle moment by moment with these aspects of God that I know that I believe…until…I get scared, agitated, hungry, annoyed, impatient….

I want to practice what I know to be True and yet, I keep finding exceptions.  That, however, is not an excuse to not seek for higher thinking.  If I do believe, then I must make a rigorous effort to trust the Principles I espouse and risk success in proving God true.  Or, proving Truth true.

Let’s go out of our ways to take risks in love.  Imagine becoming willing to let those you fear succeed in love.  See yourself happy about the success (in Principle) of those you have criticized.  See yourself without any resentments.  See yourself believing that Love prevails and it’s not because anyone has been destroyed but because your belief in Love was too much for anyone…and I mean anyone to resist.

Let’s start having conversations about the Principle of Love as a reality and not just as a theory.  Let’s no longer concern ourselves with “how” someone will “get it” or even how we will “get it,” and shift our vision to having already gotten it.  

Let’s give in to Love and prove what we say we believe now.

Love, Love, Love, All the time Love,