The Difference Between ‘Spirit’ and ‘Letter

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“The Difference Between ‘Spirit’ and ‘Letter’”

We are instructed in the Jesus Christ teachings to hold to the “Spirit” of the law rather than the “Letter” of the law.  Many like the rules.  It gives them guidelines and they think as long as they live by the letter of the rules they are doing rightly.  They are missing out on a lot of love and they are robbing everyone else of it as well.  Rules are guidelines for living but there is a reason why the rules keep changing.  

How often do we ask ourselves what the spirit of the rules are?  Why was this rule written?  The speeding laws are in effect because too many were driving too recklessly.  However, one is not usually pulled over for speeding unless one is going too far over the legal limit (the rule).  If one respects the spirit of the speed limit and doesn’t exceed it too far in either direction then no one has to be concerned.  If everyone who went fifty-six miles in a fifty-five mile speed zone was pulled over and given a ticket, we would have chaos on the highways.  (I wouldn’t mind if a few more who were going ninety in a fifty-five were pulled over, however, but that is just my judgment.)

A friend of mine was recently involved in a show where the stage manager went too far with the rules and took the spirit of joy out of the experience for everyone.  The unions have placed rules to protect the actors.  But if the one observing the rules is too inflexible, it actually hurts the actors and then hurts the production.  

The constitution of a government was put into place to protect the spirit of its founding leader’s vision.  Aspects of a constitution get changed to reflect changing needs.  Our own church bylaws have changed over the years so that we are not bound in “letter” to old needs. But rather reflect the “spirit” of the new congregation and its needs and vision.

Look at your life and your judgments, are you thinking with spirit or letter when it comes to divine law as well as physical law?  Seek Spirit in all of your thinking and you will always be free and in alignment… even if it seems that others are not.  

Blessings in our discovery of freedom,