Cooperate With G-O-D

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Cooperate With G-O-D”

To cooperate: “to work jointly toward the same end.”  To me it means to work WITH what I know to be True.  What is the “same end?”  That would be awakening.  To work with G.O.D. toward awakening while knowing that awakening could happen at any moment rather than at some far-off time.

G.O.D.: Good Orderly Direction which we have spoken of here before.  I’m talking about using our God principles in the action of G.O.D., Good Orderly Direction of mind, word and action.  Apply what you know to be True in your thinking, your word and your actions.  Apply what you KNOW to be TRUE and then notice the outcome. 

Apply full cooperation with what you know to be True about God and if it’s not working, look deep within and observe any place you are holding out on yourself.  (Trust me, it’s never that God is holding out on us.)  Look at any place you still fear full surrender and ask yourself if you could go at least a bit further if not yet all the way.  Keep observing your progress and the outcome.  Don’t stop at a little.  Remember the whole JOY package is available.

Let me know.

In the Love of G.O.D.,
Rev. Shawn