Conditions Aren’t the Boss of Me

Hey Everybody,
“Conditions Aren’t the Boss of Me”

What if the conditions of the day don’t define my day?  I can decide that it’s a good day no matter what is happening.  I will have to align myself with God, however.  

It’s so easy to complain about our day and the conditions taking easy.  It’s much more difficult to go within and ask, “What’s really going on here?”  

Wouldn’t it be a lovely thing if we all looked beneath the conditions at hand and actually desired to know what feelings we are avoiding by calling our lives “bad”.  

When we wake up and look at things differently we start to see that many conditions don’t deserve the labels we have given them.

Many years ago I was having a particularly difficult day and there was no specific reason for it.   I was just unbearably uncomfortable in my skin.  That led me to erratic actions including speeding through Westport and getting pulled over.  The policeman asked me for my license, registration and insurance.  For some odd reason, I only had my license.  The officer ended up being very kind to me and lowered the level to which I was speeding so I wouldn’t have to go to a class (my driving record was very clean up to that point).  I just got a ticket and the realization of how afraid of the police I still was at that point.  Once I got ahold of David we realized that the registration and insurance card for both of our cars were in his car.  That made the day even harder.  When I saw him, I said, “I don’t hate you, but I hate this day.”  Then I went home to be alone while he was out.  Some days are really hard, but really, what was bad about that day?  I discovered that a police officer could be very kind; especially when I don’t resist that I was in the wrong as far as my speeding went.  I discovered a great amount of fear that I was holding.  I didn’t abuse David, even though I didn’t help his comfort level that day, and I could forgive myself for just being wildly uncomfortable and not pinning a reason for the discomfort on any specific thing.  The less resistance I had to the discomfort, the easier it was for me to be in it and let it pass.

I didn’t let the conditions of the day define who I am.  Over the years it has become much easier to allow myself to feel how I feel without having to defend it or give a reason for it.  Does it matter why I feel this way?  No.  What matters is what I do with it and the first thing to do is become aware of God as my Source and so therefore, even though I may feel lousy or angry or confused, I am still a beloved child of God and these conditions are not the boss of me.  I can decide what to do with them until they pass.  My advice is to keep praying and let the prayer be one that continues to affirm my Oneness with God and therefore my Oneness with Love.  Don’t ask God to take it away. Affirm Oneness with the Good that Is.  Let the conditions be something to bring you closer to your Source not be the boss of misery.  Love, Love, Love!

In Gratitude for Divine Revelations,

Rev. Shawn