Introduction to the 12 Spiritual Powers of Man

This course introduces the student to the 12 power centers which are inherent spiritual qualities and abilities.  This system was uncovered and developed by Charles Filmore and is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and healing.   The text, PowerUP, allows the reader to apply fundamental ideas and practices to enhance this system and improve their daily lives.  The course is meant to empower students in accessing and consciously developing these 12 Powers for spiritual transformation.  There will be multiple learning techniques.  Students will explore and experience the 12-power system as a way of realizing their inner divinity.

Students will:
•    Name the 12 Powers
•    Identify the location and color of each power in the body
•    Differentiate the role each power plays in support of life
•    Understand the impact of underdeveloped and overdeveloped powers
•    Create a denial and affirmation for the expansion and expression of each power

Theresa Crisci, LMT, is in her final steps toward being a Licensed Unity Teacher.  She was on the Board as Treasurer for Unity of Norwalk for 4 years, has been PlatformAssistant since 2012 and served as a volunteer in many positions.  Theresa has owned her own wellness business for the past 25 years, providing chair massage and wellness classes to corporations throughout Connecticut.  She has also been teaching Mindfulness and Meditation at the Stonington Institute since June of 2017.

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