Unity's 11th Annual Retreat: WHOLENESS From the Inside Out


We all know the Spiritual Principles, but often we find ourselves having challenges in practicing them. Even though we are clear that our thoughts create our reality, there are times, when we find, that try as we might, our efforts to think positively revert to thoughts of fear, lack, shame, guilt, you name it, and the circumstances of our outer lives reflect those thoughts.

When this happens, there is a great temptation to look to the outer world to find answers- to find the success- the love- or the peace we seek. But those answers can only be found within, in the deeper Spirit that dwells within each of us. Once contacted, Spirit guides our thoughts to the Truth of Infinite Possibility, no matter what the circumstances.

In this retreat, we will go inward to contact that Spirit, look at, and remove the ways in which we’re blocking this perfect, all-knowing force from guiding us to the fulfillment we desire. The result is that when we let our lives be run from the perfection that we truly are on the inside, our lives transform and all that we desire, in every area of our lives, becomes reality.

Join us for these five days of Community, Going Within, Silence, Music from others and ourselves, Break-throughs and Coming-throughs.

The retreat begins on Sunday, August 4th. You may check in anytime after 3pm. the reception starts at 5pm, dinner is at 6pm and we kick off the retreat at 7pm.  The retreat ends on Friday, August 9th at noon.

To register for this retreat, please fill out the registration form by clicking on  this .pdf or call the office at (203) 855-7922. 2019 Retreat Registration.pdf 

Retreat Facilitators:

rsmReverend Shawn Moninger is an ordained Unity Minister, currently serving as senior minister at Unity Center of Norwalk since 2004. Rev. Shawn and his partner David Friedman are in high demand as speakers in the New Thought and Unity movements. They travel extensively speaking at prominent events such as the International New Thought Alliance Conference, Unity Conference, retreats and leading churches throughout the country.




dfDavid Friedman
With multi-platinum recordings, Broadway and Off Broadway shows, Disney Animated Films, Television scores, books and a teaching and lecturing career that spans the nation, David Friedman is truly someone who has made a major mark in all areas of show business and the Human Potential movement.
In an effort to give back some of the lessons he’s learned in his fulfilling and varied career, David wrote a book called, The Thought Exchange®-Overcoming Our Resistance to Living a SENSATIONAL Life. This book, which went to #1 on the Amazon Self-Help list, puts forth a method of metaphysics and human potential exploration which David created, and which picks up where many other methods leave off, to fill in the missing piece of why so many of us have so much trouble staying with the thoughts we want to stay with and seeing our dreams come into manifestation. David’s second book, The Healing Power of “Negative” Thoughts and “Uncomfortable” Sensations was released two years ago, and in response to requests for an accessible Workbook, David just released the third book in the Thought Exchange Series, It’s ALL Inside, which contains all the Thought Exchange Exercises David has written about in his books as well as those developed in workshops he’s taught all over the country. David’s next book, We Can Be Kind - Healing Our World One Kindness at a Time, based on his song of the same title, was released last year and is in its fifth printing. His fifth book, How We Met, is full of fascinating stories about the synchronicity of how couples of long standing met, and is accompanied by a CD of David’s songs on the subject.
David spends part of his time teaching workshops, giving talks and doing private coaching all over the U.S, in schools, theaters, Unity and the New Thought churches and Fortune 500 Companies. He also teaches regular classes in New York and Norwalk, CT.
In addition to teaching Thought Exchange workshops, David developed a workshop called Your Inner Voice in which singers and non-singers alike get to connect to the power that their thoughts have to produce any result they desire. David offers this workshop on retreats, where attendees get to experience, first hand, how their voices transform simply by taking on a new thought and being willing to feel whatever comes up in their bodies when they do so. The results have far-reaching effects in all areas of life.
For more information on David, you can contact him at MIDDER2000@aol.com or read about him at MIDDERMusic.com

kgKenneth Gartman has been leading music in churches since age 13. He is currently the music director at Unity Center of Norwalk. This will be Kenneth’s 8th Retreat as Music Director. Kenneth creates a spiritual experience through music whereby we remember who we are as children of God. www.kennethgartman.com





Guest House is a delightful retreat and conference center in the scenic Connecticut River Valley offering spacious guest rooms with private bathrooms, superb cuisine, and amenities including wifi and central air conditioning in every room and elevator service to all guest room floors.  The beautifully renovated country inn is on private wooded land, adjacent to a state forest with hiking trails and two neighboring lakes.  The approach of the Guest House is a very nurturing and mindful one, allowing guests to concentrate on the important work they come to accomplish. It is conveniently located midway between New York City and Boston, Guest House is easily reachable via major highways or by train. You may view their website at www.guesthousecenter.org or call (860) 322-5770.

August 5th, 2019 5:00 PM through  9:00 PM
The Guest House
318 West Main Street
Chester, CT 06412
United States
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Phone: 8603225770