Crystals and Spiritual Energy Workshop

Crystals and Spiritual Energy Workshop

In this is 2 hour workshop you will have the  opportunity to play in the energy of crystals. Learn how to pick YOUR crystal, and find out how it has an effect on your body's energy field for healing, energizing and spiritual development.

There will be trays of crystals for sale and to play with, hold, and develop your own personal resonance with. Come and learn how to find a crystal that is just  for YOU, and what it can do to help balance and strengthen, and aid your process, and your Beingness.
In addition, there will be  beautiful, hand made, energetic jewelry utilizing semiprecious stones set with sterling silver and gold filled or 14k. gold findings. Great for holiday gifts for  someone very special. Free  gift bag given with each piece.
Come join us and lets play in the energy.

Rev Deborah Steen Ross Deborah has had a love for crystals since she was in sixth grade. She studied with the late Betty LN Greenburg, the "Crystal Lady" of Los Angeles, where she learned how to tune into the energy of crystals of different kinds. The stones speak to her and tell her what they are for and she offers classes and private readings for others to learn about the magic of crystals.


Sunday, March 11th from 1-3 pm
Cost: $25


March 11th, 2018 1:00 PM through  3:00 PM