Christ-ist Living Series Week Six: “Practice the Presence of Intelligence”

Hey Everybody,
Christ-ist Living Series
Week Six: “Practice the Presence of Intelligence”

Continuing in our “Christ-ist Living” series, (If you don’t know what that is, go back and read the first two weeks) we must practice the Presence of Intelligence.  Using our Divine Intelligence we have the realization of ONE.  Below is the metaphysical meaning of One from the Revealing Word: 

Metaphysical meaning of one (rw)

  • one life and one intelligence--There is one Spirit; one principle of life, love, intelligence, and goodness in, through, and over all, even God, the good omnipotent.
  • one mind--There is but one Mind. Every individual and the various phases of character that make that individual are but states of consciousness in the one Mind.
  • one presence and one power--God, Spirit, is the only presence in the universe, and is the only power. God is in, through, and around all creation as its life and sustaining power.
  • one Spirit-Mind--God is the one Spirit-Mind in which all ideas of life, love, substance, intelligence, and power originate.

So, when we start to think separately or for ourselves, let us remember One and Oneness.  Call upon Divine Intelligence for how to think about “this”, whatever “this” is.  Seek the wisdom of Spirit when you have thoughts about yourself or someone else and remember that you and that someone else are actually part of the One.  When we do that, we are practicing the Presence of Intelligence. 

Ultimately, none of us are separate from each other.  Someone in a class said to me once that we have to stop the insane people.  I asked her if she was ready to interrupt her own insanity.  She took offense to this and did not like that I was calling her insane.  She said, “I have never killed anyone!”  I asked her if she had character assassinated anyone lately?  Had she gossiped or criticized anyone?  Had she called her brothers or her sisters or herself something less than a child of God?  She said that she had.  I said that was insane behavior.

There are levels of violence in which we demonstrate our insane thinking and behaviors, but for me to try and convince you that you, or I, or another is less than God is cruel, and cruelty is a form of insanity.  To discern for ourselves the degree of godliness of ourselves is using egoic intelligence rather than Divine Intelligence. 

Reread the Oneness statements above and begin to really notice all of your thoughts and insane statements and then call upon the Divine Intelligence that flows within all for the correct thoughts, words, and actions.

In Christ-ist living, I Know that all are blessed and blessing,

The Christ In Me Beholds the Christ In You,

Rev. Shawn