Christ-ist Living Series Week 3: “Embrace SPIRITUAL Solution”

Hey Everybody,
Christ-ist Living Series
Week Three: “Embrace SPIRITUAL Solution”

Continuing in our “Christ-ist Living” series, (If you don’t know what that is, go back and read the first two weeks) we must look for the spiritual solution for all of our problems rather than blame.  It’s one thing as Spiritual Scientists to become aware of the cause of things in order to not repeat them.  It is another to find temporary satisfaction by laying the blame somewhere and come to believe that we are now stuck with the problem.

I see on social media that a lot of people blame the President for this.  He did not cause the dis-ease.  Yes, he has done a lot to spread it far and wide; but knowing that does not help to cure it.  The thing is, this current government has spread it publicly and foolishly, and… a lot of others have done it quietly and foolishly.  What many of us are overlooking is asking ourselves how we ourselves are maintaining the “problem?”  

We can scream all day long “STAY HOME!”  BUT, until we begin to embrace a Spiritual Solution to all that ails us in mind and body, we will keep creating catastrophe.  It’s hard not to scream; we are so frustrated and it’s like living in a horror movie with an invisible enemy.  So we look for the visible ones to scream at and about.  Usually though, we are screaming at the choir because the ones we want to scream at, aren’t listening.  

I have been posting a Facebook live video every afternoon where I read something from one of our New Thought antecedents about metaphysical healing.  I encourage you to go to my page and listen to them, and then I encourage you to do your own investigation about spiritual healing for yourself and all beings.  Try out the suggestions and practice the ones that work best for you.  Be kind to those who aren’t yet up to your enthusiasm.  

Let’s become responsible for the healing of the world, by seeing it well rather than sick.  That can be hard to do if you spend most of your time reading about how sick the world is.  It can be even more difficult if you have an illness yourself.  You may have to change some habits if you are to have your healing and allow the world to heal.

Do you check the news or Facebook first thing in the morning?  This is after you checked it last thing last night?  That’s not the best practice for embracing the Spiritual Solution.  We all need to pray and meditate first thing in the morning.  (Let your Highest Voice tell you something good about yourself before you check to see what’s bad.)   We need pray-ins several times during the day.  We need to keep hearing that Highest Voice.  Then, before going to sleep, find something you can be grateful for.  Let gratitude be your last thought for each day.  Gratitude is the number one healer.  

We come to Unity looking for a way in to being willing to practice what we know to be True.  Look into KNOWING that there is a Spiritual Solution to all symptoms of dis-ease.  Any kind of dis-ease is temporary and must be eradicated by a KNOWING of Truth.   In Christ-ist living, KNOW the Truth and KNOW that you will be set free.

The Christ In Me Beholds the Christ In You,

Rev. Shawn