Change Of Plans

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Change Of Plans”

Do you ever set out to do something…you plan it in your head the night before…you can see it clearly in your mind and you see all electronics and people cooperating?  You did everything you were supposed to do to prepare…and you get to where you planned to start…and nothing cooperates?  The thing you needed on your computer to write your opus isn’t on your computer?  Or your computer won’t turn on?  Or somebody else is on the computer you had planned to use?  Or…?

Does your life become unmanageable because of this?  Is God or the Universe or your computer mad at you and this is why it happened?  Are you “bad” and that’s why things aren’t cooperating?  Is the Universe “bad?”  Is your plan “bad”?  Is this God’s way of telling you not to do what you know is a good idea?  Or…?

Or is it just that something happened and you can’t do what you had planned to do right now and so you must make a change of plans?  Hopefully, the change isn’t harmful to you or another.  Hopefully, the change isn’t to throw or break anything.  Hopefully, the change of plans includes Love, Wisdom and Understanding.  Perhaps it could even include laughter and the realization that time and deadlines aren’t as real or as important as you may have thought they were.  It will certainly have to include forgiveness.  These changes of plans are great opportunities for developing flexibility and a stretchiness of willingness.  

Years ago, I was writing a talk late on a Wednesday night for a guest appearance at a church in Queens.  My computer died in the middle of it.  I didn’t have money to buy a new computer.  No one was offering to buy me a new one and I felt really sad and sorry for myself.  I felt so badly, I cried while I was on the phone with the technician from Compaq (That’s how long ago this happened.)  While I was on the phone hoping for a resurrection of my computer, it occurred to me that the talk I was writing was called “Overcoming.”  I laughed at that and thought, “Well, this would be as good a time as any to learn how to do a talk without notes.  Clearly, my plans had changed radically from what I first imagined that evening. (Right down to having a good cry.)  I did however, have a great journey that night and my computer was restored by the nice and talented man on the other end of the phone line.  In fact, I’m writing this letter on that computer now…just kidding.  He raised a computer, not Lazarus.  

It was easy to forgive the evening after everything was fixed.  I don’t know how easy it would have been that night if it hadn’t.  I still would have had to if I wanted peace.

Today, let’s bless our change of plans and call them Divine Guidance even if it’s just something as simple as the batteries don’t work and the battery store is closed.  

In Divine Planning and Re-planning,