Both Feet In

Welcome Home Everybody,
“Both Feet In”

It seems like there is so much that we want but many of us are reluctant to put both feet into the door of faith in God.  There is still one foot out the door for “just in case...”.

Just in case this relationship doesn’t work out...
Just in case I get fired...
Just in case it’s too uncomfortable.

“Yes, I do want to be sober but I don’t want to quit drinking.”
“Yes, I do want to be solvent and prosperous, but it’s too uncomfortable to get rid of my credit cards.”
“Yes, I want to be thinner, but that cake is just sitting there and I can’t let it go to waste.”
“Yes, I do want to tithe, but I can’t afford to be prosperous right now.”
“Yes, Yes, Yes...No, No, No...”

We are promised so much in our healing messages and fellowships.  New Thought promises a lot.  The Twelve Step programs promise a lot.  However, as Bill Wilson said, “Half measures availed us nothing.”  Even the Hokey Pokey reminds us to “put our whole selves in.” And to shake it all about.
How much do you want what you want?  Are you willing to risk your half measures to have the whole Kingdom in your consciousness?  I suggest you sit in prayer for a bit, a few hours, even a few days and listen for your guidance on what it means to put both feet in.  Then move your feet, but from within the Kingdom, not part way out the door.

Rev. Shawn