Is Your Life Good Enough For You?

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Is Your Life Good Enough For You?”

Many years ago I had to ask myself if my life is good enough for me?  My answer was that it wasn’t.  My life wasn’t nearly good enough.  How can I make it good enough?   I don’t mean “eh, it’s good enough.”  But it needed to be great at whatever level I was at in life.  I wasn’t going to be driving a Rolls Royce at a $500 a week income.  I suppose there are some who could, but I didn’t believe I could, and besides…that wasn’t important to me at the time.  Apparently, it still isn’t since I don’t drive one now.  The Rolls Royce is an example of something we might think as a way to mark that we have arrived.  Rarely do we think that being kind to everyone is a sign of greatness in life.  

Is my home good enough for me?  We don’t have to live in a mansion to have a great home.  Is your home clean and reflective of your taste?  I had a small apartment in New York City for many years.  It was big by some standards because I had an eat-in kitchen and I had windows that faced two different streets.  That apartment was great.  I felt safe in it and I painted it colors that absolutely reflected my personality.  I had a high-gloss safety yellow kitchen.  I rag-rolled the living room and I painted the bedroom lime green and fuchsia.  I was always happy entering that apartment.  

I had a job that didn’t offer much income but opened doors to creativity and daily acknowledgment of my skills.  I needed a lot of positive feedback then.  Today, I get a lot of positive feedback, but it is in the line of service.  It still feels good.  

Today, I still live in a home that is wonderful.  It’s painted beige but is calm when I walk through the door.  I have a successful relationship where both of us seem to be willing to work at in our own way rather than being forced to compromise.  

I have a career I love.  I have friends that are trustworthy and I am a trustworthy friend in my relationships.  I am so trustworthy; I am willing to acknowledge it when I am wrong.

Is my life good enough for who I am today?  Yes it is.  Ultimately, here is why:  I have a Higher Power, Source, God, Spirit (I call it many things) that I trust lives within me and guides me to the next right thing to think, say and do.  Instead of telling my God what to tell me, I ask that Divine Voice within me to remind me of what is True… and I ask frequently.  My ego is not the boss of me.  I don’t hate the ego…actually, I don’t hate very much anymore.  I keep asking that Highest Voice inside of me to remind me of who and what I am, and who and what you are.  It makes the day easier and I forget less of what is important…even though I seem to be forgetting the names of people, places and things more frequently.  I figure if I have forgotten it, it’s just not that important to remember.  If I forget your name, it's an opportunity to ask you again and we get a better chance to know each other.  

Everyone can create a life that is more than good enough for themselves and they can do it with integrity and joy.  Just go within and ask how… and then follow through on the guidance you receive.  It works; I know.  It may cost you a lot of useless opinions, but it’s worth it.

Here’s to Proving Life Is Good,
Rev. Shawn