Yes, God, I Am Loved

Living From the Super-consciousness
"Yes, God, I Am Loved"

Hey Unity,

I am so loved.  Really, I can’t not be loved.  God is Love itself so I and everyone is loved and can’t not be loved.  

It’s difficult for many to accept that they are loved because they can’t explain how.  I just decided to accept it when I heard about it because it sounded better than anything I could make up.  I was told by my teachers that I was loved by God because God is Love itself and couldn’t not love me.  That told me that Love IS and I couldn’t make it untrue even though I could either forget that it was true or pretend that it wasn’t true.

It makes it harder to misbehave when I am knowing that I am loved.  People fight knowing it so they can keep acting out.  

I invite you to KNOW today that you are loved with an everlasting love and you can’t escape it so you might as well live in the satisfaction of it.

Happy Love week of Advent,
Rev. Shawn