Praying From, Rather Than For

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Praying From, Rather Than For”

Many of us who pray are praying for something as if we don’t have it…and we ignore our God consciousness as if it doesn’t even exist.  

Notice what you resort to when you are frustrated about manifestation.  Do you go within or is it, “Pleassssse, God!!!”  

My teachers reminded me that we already have everything so God has nothing left to give. Now it is about asking ourselves to give it to ourselves.  In asking ourselves to be generous with ourselves we must consider if we are holding the thoughts and words that align with what we want to bring into manifestation.  Often we are affirming abundance while holding the thoughts of lack…and we aren’t even aware of it.  Become aware of it.  Pay attention.  

Now I do, “Pleasssse, Shawn, give yourself this good thing!”  That often wakes me up to what I have been overlooking.

“Praying from” is affirming our God consciousness.  Assume that what God IS is inside of you.   

Go ahead and assume that whatever God IS is inside you and that it’s Good.

Glad For GOOD-ness
Rev. Shawn