No Life So Hard That Our Thinking New/True Thoughts Can’t Make It Better

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“No Life So Hard That Our Thinking New/True Thoughts Can’t Make It Better”

Over and over again I have proven for myself that difficult situations can be experienced differently with different, or “new” thoughts.  So have a lot of people I know.  Millions of people have transformed minor, major and explosive situations from terrible to “Wow!  I hadn’t thought of it that way before.”  

It makes a difference when we offer our thoughts over to Spirit for reinterpretation.  It’s so simple to do. I say, “Spirit, tell me what to think, say and do about this if there is anything to be thought said or done.”  Then I follow through on any guidance I get.  I am always listening for guidance throughout my day.  

So many of us pray from “the foxhole” and then forget about the prayer until it’s all over, and then wonder what happened.  

Please don’t ever decide, “This is the only way to think about it.”  There are always True thoughts.  Many don’t trust this process because Truth doesn’t have words to accurately describe things and Truth doesn’t have a mission to assuage my nosy ego.  I ask, I listen and I go about the business of peace.  At least I do sometimes.  The other times, I forget, and I tell Spirit/God what It should be thinking.  That never works out well.

Let’s spend our day remembering to ask the Highest Voice within us so that we can have a new/True thought about everything.

Glad to be here remembering,
Rev. Shawn