Life, Sky, God, Love, Death…Too Big to Understand

Hey U-nity,

Living From the Super-consciousness

“Life, Sky, God, Love, Death…Too Big to Understand”


Think about Life...what do you really know about it that you don’t make up?  I’m certain at this point that I do not know what life is.  I don’t know what God is.  I don’t know what Love or death is.  I don’t know hardly anything about the sky or the ground I walk on.  And yet…I trust that Life IS, God Is, Love Is.  What’s more, I’m certain that death is not what I have thought it is and there’s no reason to fear it. 


Think about our relationships and whether we have known each other before?  Is there such a thing as past lives and have we walked a path together as different people and yet still us?


I am opening a moment for contemplation here and an opportunity to let go of limited thinking and open to the bigness that is and that all possibility exists.  What do we do with this moment?  My suggestion is to use it to accept the bigness and accept that we don’t really know and aren’t likely to ever know so many things, and yet…we can experience them in our mind, our body and our soul. 


Take time to breathe and revel in the Love that you know simply IS.  Take time to rest in the understanding that God IS and God IS the BIGNESS that IS. 


Let your contemplative moments shift from trying to get anything, or figure out anything, but to KNOW that you already have everything and you will see it when you are willing to see it.  How will you know you are willing?  When you stop thinking about the absence of it.  Think about it; it’s very logical. 


You and I are too big to understand.  Let’s not make ourselves or Life small by limiting us.



Here’s to Life and Life more abundant,

Rev. Shawn