Do Your Life With Love

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Do Your Life With Love”

Ask yourself these questions:

“Is this the most loving thought I could think right now?”  

“Are these the most loving words I could say right now?”

“Is this the most loving action I can take right now?”

Ask yourself, “Am I living the most loving life I can live right now?”

Notice the answers.  If they are less than ideal, notice the thoughts you have been thinking.  If your thoughts are less than ideal for the abundant life you have been promised, change your thoughts.  Think with God rather than trying to get God to think with you. Decide now, “I am loved and I can’t not be loved.  I am living my life IN Love!”

Please don’t ever decide, “There is only one way to think about it.”  
All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn